Cold Brew

The American trend of the cold-brewed coffee was skilfully adapted by the Graz-based traditional roastery, J. Hornig, and released under the brand "Cold Brew". This 18-hour-brewed fashion drink strengthens the image of J. Hornig as a traditional home with a young global mindset. They teamed up with us to give the cold drink an equally cool image.

Service: Concept, Branding, Packaging Design

Credits: Philipp Lackner for J. Hornig – Art Direction


Cold Brew is not iced coffee. But Cold Brew is also much more than just cold coffee. We brew it with cold water and only use directly traded Arabica beans from the world’s best growing regions. To ensure that the entire flavour potential is given time to unfold, we infuse our Cold Brew for 18 hours. This results in a mild coffee with sweet aromas and a naturally sweet taste.

Cold Brew is best served ice cold and directly from the fridge. It is the ideal refreshment for in between your busy schedule.


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