Packaging Solutions
with Purpose

A brand only gets one chance at a good first impression, and high-quality packaging is the best way to make sure that this first impression is a lasting one. Packaging is your brand’s identity made material, and is often a consumer’s first point of critical contact. Since the beginning, we have devoted ourselves to impactful and functional packaging design and have honed our skills on ‘out of the box’ thinking. We have seen the potential that high-quality packaging can have on the growth of a brand, which is why we believe in weaving the ‘golden thread’ from concept to finished product.

1. Concept

Based on your needs, we develop a packaging concept for your product which takes into account functionality as well as product presentation. After the concept process we create free of charge prototypes which provide the basis for your final packaging blueprint

2. Sampling

After revisions and modifications to reach your final concept, we will work with you to choose the best material and possible finishes for your packaging. If desired, we can also provide a final sample identical in functionality, appearance and material as the final product.

3. Production

Our strong supplier relationships allow us to oversee the entire production and dispatch of your packaging all the way from concept to delivery. All of our packaging comes from a single source, making your packaging solutions as cost-effective as possible.

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Shopping Bags

Strengthen your visual presence in the minds of consumers with shopping bags to match your brand. Our options range from classic plastic and paper craft, to high-quality shopping bags with cord and finishing. We also offer all standard and recyclable options on request.

Whether it’s electronics, food, wine or cosmetics, we offer packaging of a high-quality appearance, regardless of the product category. From classic paper packaging to sturdy cardboard solutions, we strive to use the best materials available and offer a variety of options and finishes.

We also offer a variety of fabric bag solutions. Whether it’s small bags, classic shopping bags, or backpacks we tailor make every printing and branding solution to fit your brand’s unique language.

Round out your packaging
with the right finish.

The foundation of a successful packaging solution runs from concept, through design, to the choice of material. To round off your packaging as a whole, never hesitate to add a touch of refinement. Details are everything and we offer a full range of foiling, embossing and varnishing options.  We are always happy to work together with you to achieve the best results for your packaging solution.

Your advantages:

Concept, design & production from a single source

Wide selection of materials & refinements

Highest quality packaging at competitive pricing

We look forward to hearing from you.

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