We’re attracted to the idea of mass communication – constantly trying to find creative ways of translating the inner feeling to the masses. We believe that functionality, design and collaboration are the elements that make for good work. At BRANDED we don’t just do work, we dedicate ourselves to the core of the matter. Our passion is not just a front, but a personal affair. Our clients become our friends, and we create content, together.

Brand Identity

Identity is not a coincidence, but a planned process. We want to offer brands the opportunity to find their personal and authentic sense of expression which shapes perceptions both externally and internally. This gives brands an unmistakable character and authentic brand story, which ultimately makes our hearts beat faster.

- Brand Development
- Copywriting

- Corporate Design
- Stationary

- Corporate Presentations
- ADs

Business Development

BRANDED has an interdisciplinary approach and understands that behind every project is a strong business model. The willingness to look for patterns and connect the dots with creativity has helped us achieve success in our work. We develop businesses from their fundamental first stages with the focus on bringing brands and consumers together.

- Brand Concept
- Market Research

- Business Plan
- Sales Strategy

- Business-Model-Development
- Digital Prototyping

Print and Book Design

Even in our digital world, sometimes nothing beats tangible media. One of our focuses is on the contemporary design and layout of printed mediums. We respect traditional design and appreciate the opportunity of experiencing our craft through physically working with our eyes and hands.

- Picture Book
- Magazines
- Booklets

- Publications
- Folders
- Flyers

- Annual/Business-Reports
- Advertisement
- Posters

Digital Design and Development

All services related to digital performance are part of our skill set. Not only because our team has grown up in a digital-era, but also because we love the vast possibilities that digital has to offer. Our services include everything from design to complete programming of web portals and everything inbetween.

- Websites
- Webshops

- Mobile Applications
- Development

- Real Estate Project-Sites

Social Media Marketing

The presence of social media has increasingly become a mouthpiece for brands and consumers to tell their stories across the world, and we strive to be at the forefront. Social media marketing carries massive potential for engagement. We conceive, plan and design everything for optimal appearance and functionality with all social media network platforms in mind.

- Profile Creation
- Maintenance

- Content Strategies
- Content Production

- Social Media ADs
- Campaigns


At BRANDED we pride ourselves on our packaging solutions. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve honed our capabilities to offer functional production with premium quality to match. We take packaging on a journey from first concept through to finished product.

- Concept
- Prototyping

- Material Consulting
- Packaging Design

- Production
- Delivery

Film and Photography

Something beautiful happens when a story is told through a visual medium. It has the potential to inspire and uplift in a way which resonates with its audience. Combining the latest equipment and experience behind the lens allows us to tell beautiful stories that engage with our audience on a human level.

- Portrait-Photography 
- Product-Photography

- Image-Photography
- Brand-Films

- Video-Production
- Social-Media-Content

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